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How to Determine if you should call a plumber for a leaking toilet

When to Call a Plumber About Running Toilet


Any plumbing issue in the toilet can be frustrating, whether it’s a running toilet, a damaged flush mechanism, or a leaking flapper seal. Usually, a simple plunger or DIY solutions can quickly get you right on track. Toilet issues are quite scary if you don’t know what you’re doing. No one wants a situation where there’s flooding around the house due to a running toilet.

Plumbing Emergencies from Broken Toilets Can Create Large Property Disasters


It’s, therefore, imperative for homeowners to check the system of their toilet, every now and then, to ensure it’s working correctly. Ideally, it should be after every six months. The process involves flushing the toilet with the flush lid open to check how the components are working. If something seems off, or you have other underlying plumbing issues, you’ll need to contact a licensed plumber.

A Running Toilet


There are a couple of indicators that’ll show you have a running toilet, including a huge monthly water bill, plus hearing the sound of running water long after you flush. Moreover, you can easily test out to find out if you have a running toilet.


Ideally, you’ll add a few drops of food color into the toilet tank, and wait to see if it’s leaking into the bowl. If the water in the tank changes color without flushing, it’s evident you have a running toilet. Open the flush lid to determine where the running sound you’ve been hearing is coming from and ensure everything else is working fine.


Quick Solutions                     


There’s a good chance of solving this problem quickly. Right at the bottom of the water tank, there’s a rubber substance that allows water to run from the tank to the bowl when you flush the toilet. When you don’t flush the toilet, the rubber substance-flapper lies completely flat against the button of the tank.


If it’s not in this position, something must be underneath the flapper, or the chain may be stuck on something. It can also be due to a loose refill valve that’s not operating correctly. You can easily replace these items with new ones at a hardware store. Most DIY enthusiasts will try every step in the book in an attempt to fix this problem; however, knowing when a problem is beyond your skills is imperative to fixing such plumbing issues.


Calling a Plumber


You’ve done everything possible to fix the flapper, but if you still have this leaking, then it’s imperative you call a licensed plumber. Leaving it like that means your water bill will keep on accumulating. A certified plumber can take a look at your toilet, diagnose it, and then quickly fix the problem that you had no idea existed.


It’s important to note that not all plumbers are equal on the market. Therefore, you really need to conduct enough research to help you find the best plumbers in the plumbing industry. There are various factors you’ll have to consider when choosing a plumber.


Get a professional who is trained and experienced. They know everything about plumbing and will help you fix any plumbing problems swiftly. The best experts will always give out the best service.